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We help you get the most out of your sales force

  • Are your sales teams missing their quotas?

  • Do your new sales hires take too long to be truly productive?

  • Can your reps follow a consistent selling process?

  • Does marketing give your sellers what they need to win?

  • Need training to address specific sales performance issues?

  • Is your major account revenue growing as fast as it should?

We can help.  Sales Enablement Edge is a boutique sales enablement consulting firm with 20+ years experience enabling the fastest growing technology companies worldwide.  We help you to diagnose your greatest sales performance challenges and then quickly build programs to help your sellers succeed, whether it's training, tools or process improvements.  Use the contact form at the bottom of this page to set up a free consultation to see if our services are right for you.       ☎ +34 698874442 or douglas@salesenablementedge.com

Areas of Practice

Sales process

  • Clear definition of each stage and objective of each

  • Alignment of selling process with buying cycle

  • Description of activities performed at each stage

  • Access to the right tool at the right time

  • Metrics to measure deal progression

  • Integration of selling methodology tools & terminology

  • Probability to close predictions to improve forecasting

  • Integration into CRM so selling process becomes habit


  • Definition of level 1 competencies, including product knowledge, customer and industry expertise, sales tools and process and selling skills

  • Development of consistent new hire content through partnership with subject matter experts from sales, marketing and operations

  • Construction of the new hire learning path that includes the right mix of self-study, e-learning, webinar and face to face delivery

  • Testing and assessment to ensure graduates have the skills they need to be productive from day one

  • Coaching and mentoring to provide continual monitoring and reinforcement of new knowledge and skills




  • Assessment of sales performance to identify skill gaps

  • Practical instructional design and application of adult learning theory

  • Design and of a multi-level sales training curriculum that provides a step by step learning path

  • new hire on boarding that reduces time to revenue

  • Measurement of training outcomes to ensure subject matter mastery

  • The optimal delivery approach including self-study, e-learning, webinars and face to face workshops


  • Experienced management of the sales enablement function on a contract basis

  • A well-defined sales enablement strategy and process, including prioritization of key initiatives

  • Management of sales enablement vendors, including assessment, selection and supervision

  • Rapid execution of time sensitive projects, including product launches, on-boarding, sales kickoffs and support for mergers and acquisitions

  • Project management for longer-term sales enablement initiatives, such as sales process design, selecting sales methodologies and the design and delivery of sales training curricula

  • Recruitment and selection of top sales enablement talent, from senior leadership to specialists


  • A well-documented sales management approach

  • Clear definition of the role of the sales manager and standards for performance

  • Identification of the most important seller activities that managers should manage

  • Practice diagnosing the health of a seller’s pipeline and remediation steps

  • A standard for coaching, including coaching methodology, scripts and cadence



  • Analysis of the company’s needs and selection of the right sales approach

  • Tailoring the sales methodology to reflect sales needs and customer requirements

  • Special focus on large account planning programs

  • Integration of the sales methodology into the sales process, tools and training curriculum

  • Coaching framework that enables managers to reinforce the sales methodology

  • Restart programs to reinvigorate an existing sales methodology

How We Work With You

We follow a systematic engagement process to ensure clear objectives, an agreed project plan and documented results, including:

  1. Sales health check. We start with a high-level sales performance health check that monitors the key indicators of sales performance and rep productivity, including new hire ramp time, average deal size, win rate, acceleration through the pipeline, etc. to identify your key performance gaps.

  2. Sales enablement survey. We then turn our focus to the key dimensions of your current sales enablement capability, including your selling process and methodology, training, sales tools and resources and how your managers support sales performance. Our goal is to identify where sales enablement can have the biggest impact.

  3. Identify key initiatives. Based on the critical sales enablement uncovered in steps 1 and 2, we will then focus on the sales enablement areas that will address sales performance gaps.

  4. Detailed needs assessment. For each initiative, we will poll key stakeholders, including field sales, sales leadership, marketing, sales operations, etc. to gain their perspectives on the nature of the deficiency and root causes.

  5. Presentation of findings and draft sales enablement proposal. We will provide our findings and a detailed proposal for addressing the performance issue(s).

  6. Final project plan and contract. This will include the expected outcomes, full budget, timeline and agreed success metrics.



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